Jiu-Jitsu Letter

School Rules

Does your school have a gi policy?

Why buy from your school? I would argue that if it wasn’t for your school, you wouldn’t even be in the market for a gi, so it’s fair that your school asks for participation there. Also, it supports them. If a student is going to spend the money anyway, why not spend it at the school they train at?

Why have everyone in the same gi? Uniformity is good sometimes. It can foster some camaraderie. Rather than seeing your fellow students as opponents, they’re your teammates and partners. If you’re going to last long enough to get good, that helps a lot. Having to choose what gi to buy is a waste of time too. You end up price shopping, reading reviews, etc., when you should just get the basic thing and move on.1

Why not buy from your school? It can be cheaper elsewhere. Or you want to show off your individuality. Or you have brand loyalty. Or you don’t want to support your school or instructor any more than necessary. Or you read on r/bjj that other schools have an “anything goes” gi policy.

My school adopted a gi policy recently. Students have to wear a gi that Gracie University or I sell, or they can wear a plain white one from anywhere.

I can accept any reason to follow or not follow the school’s gi policy. Just as I can refuse service to anyone for any reason, everyone can refuse to sign up with me.

If you enroll at a school, with knowledge of their school rules, don’t complain.

If you hear about another school with a policy you don’t like, you don’t need to complain about it. Why do you care? Talk less.

  1. OK, there’s something to be said for buying Origin gis, if you care that much about “quality” and buying Made in USA products. But come on, is it that you love America, or that you love Jocko? Because it’s quite likely you buy a bunch of foreign-made stuff, even when there’s an American-made option available. While it’s normal to pick and choose when to be principled (as most everyone does), be OK with choosing to help locally because it’s actually more impactful. ↩︎

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