Jiu-Jitsu Letter

Your 60s

If you want to train into your 60s and up1, it’s good to think about what your life will be like then. Typically, our metabolism continues to slow down, and unless you get on hormone therapy, testosterone keeps going down. That combination leads to:

  • increase in body fat
  • decrease in speed
  • decrease in cardio

But as we continue to train, we will enjoy:

  • more experience
  • better timing

And if we’re smart about strength training, we can maintain or maybe even increase maximum strength.2

If your game currently relies on speed, conditioning, explosiveness, etc., keep in mind that those attributes will diminish over time. So make sure you’re investing some time at improving weight distribution and efficiency and good technique.

  1. I wrote about preparing for your 40s a while ago, and now I’m thinking about my 60s. ↩︎

  2. The issue with continuing to work on improving maximum strength is it’s bascially required to gain weight and increase recovery time, and after a certain point, it becomes detrimental to the the goal of training jiu-jitsu forever. ↩︎

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