Jiu-Jitsu Letter

When You Adopt, You Drop

Mike Jaramillo was on the Forever White Belt podcast. Here’s a clip of where he talks about adding techniques to your game:

You can only incorporate so many things. Johnny famously told me one time, he said, be careful. And I said, in what way? And he said, when you adopt, you drop. If you ever realize, like anybody watch, sit and watch somebody roll.

And the moment they get tired, they’ll do the same thing over and over. And the moment they get even more tired, that little sequence will get tighter and tighter. It’s how the mind works for everybody, right? It becomes maybe nine to 11 moves, and then within those nine to 11, you could have variations, but as the game gets, like you get more fatigued, your mind gets more narrow.

When it’s thinking the game, you start to dropping things, right? You start to get, now, start playing a five to seven game. Now it gets even more, and then you start doing the same thing over and over and over. It comes the same principle. Is, be careful in what you add because when you add something, you drop something.

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