Jiu-Jitsu Letter


Your teacher knows things, but go to him or her for jiu-jitsu, and not much else. So they may offer some advice on strength and conditioning, or health, or politics, or whatever, but you’re paying for jiu-jitsu, not opinions and criticism on anything unrelated.

In fact, you can even be specific within jiu-jitsu what you learn from him. Maybe his guard is weak, so just learn his mount, or whatever he’s good at teaching.

This extends to your BJJ “heroes,” which you shouldn’t really have anyway.

This extends to everyone in your life.1

  1. Just don’t be too quick to dismiss someone for not “staying in their lane.” That’s a variation of an ad hominem attack. You never know if someone has intensely studied some other topic than what they’re known for. ↩︎

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