Jiu-Jitsu Letter

Tough Times

Chris Duffin was on the Finding Mastery podcast recently. Here he talks about how to deal with stressful times, when things aren’t going right:

I don’t have anything on the structure of that, but, uh, how do I, how do I deal with it when I’m in it? Because when you’re in it, it is hard. It’s overwhelming sometimes when everything in life and I’m, I’m actually, I’m in one of those right now. There’s a lot of stuff going on from a business and family perspective. And it’s a three step process for me. So those steps involve just acknowledging that.

Acknowledging the fact that I am here, I’m in one of those moments, I’m overwhelmed. Stress is piling on me. I’m going to be responding in a certain manner. That step one is just being honest with yourself that okay, I’m here.

The second step is to celebrate that fact to take a step back and go, this is my glory moment. This is the time when I come over this next month, next year, is gonna be the thing I brag about. Maybe just some, a family member, maybe just to myself to know I freaking did it. I overcame that I got there. Right.

And, and then the last thing is the adaptation. So now use that, push through that, but use that now to, as your lever for that next thing that’s gonna come at you, maybe it’s, self-imposed, maybe it’s something that came outta left field that you didn’t anticipate, and that’s what it’s all preparation for.

Right. And, uh, so those are the, so you’re gonna be able to, to lever off them. Part of that leveraging is just the recognizing that when you are stressed, when you’re overwhelmed, it’s because you care about whatever’s happening. And so it means that you’re gonna use that to be able to perform at a higher level.

I do. This is an important thing to me. So, uh, that’s, that’s good. That’s good to know. And I’m gonna use that because I’m gonna perform better than I normally do.

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