Jiu-Jitsu Letter

They Want to Help

Sometimes I don’t wear my belt in no-gi classes. Last week, during a round with a blue belt, she started coaching me. She was a lot smaller than me so I was trying to be “lighter” and just keep it moving. She said she was embarrassed after I told her I wasn’t a beginner, but we laughed about it. I appreciated her wanting to be helpful.

When I actually was a blue belt, an advanced purple belt told me to slow down. I didn’t. After a couple minutes, he paused, and said “I’m trying to help you.”

I haven’t forgotten that round and I’m certain he has, but I still remind him every so often about that day.

So I always listen when people want to offer advice. 1 And it’s important to encourage everyone to listen, because it’s good for the school overall to be full of students who want to help.

  1. Not that I always agree with it. ↩︎

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