Jiu-Jitsu Letter

The Intermediate

The intermediate is the most rigid and opinionated. A bit of knowledge and (hard earned) skill makes him overconfident. He has “rules” on how jiu-jitsu should be practiced and he can be a bit judgmental.

This could be the new blue belt, who is now submitting white belts.1

But he hasn’t spent enough time on the mats. He’s been through a plateau or two, so that’s an achievement. But he doesn’t know there’s still a lot he doesn’t know.

He doesn’t know what rules can be broken. He doesn’t know most rules are just guidelines. He often says “always” and/or “never” when describing jiu-jitsu.

The advanced player gets past this to make to the next level. The hard thing is, we don’t know we were in that stage until we leave it.

  1. That is, at schools where they allow white belts to spar. At the others, it could be the one stripe blue that’s beating freshly minted ones. ↩︎

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