Jiu-Jitsu Letter

Teach for Yourself, Practice for Your Students

From a recent Chris Do podcast:

So when I’m out there teaching, there was a quote here, I was interviewed recently and I was like, I really like this. Here we go. Craig Felik told me this.

He’s like, “You teach for yourself, and you practice for your students.”

I say to them, I think there’s this dichotomy with teaching that it’s simultaneously a selfish act and an act of generosity.

So when I teach, I’m sharing. My goods, if you will, to the, to the people or to the person who’s in front of me, right? I’m sharing with you like, here are tools. Here’s your ideas. Here’s a big reframe, or here’s how you would phrase this so that you have to deal with this friction point anymore. But in doing so, what the person who’s asking the question is, Is unaware of is they’re extracting or inducing something from me, which is a piece of information that I didn’t even know I had.

And in doing so, I learned something about myself. And when your eyes light up, I’m like, wow, okay. I have another way of explaining that to you. And here’s the cool part of like life teaching, which is one person will say something and they accept your answer, but another person’s like, uh, wait a minute, I don’t wanna accept it.

How about this, Chris? And how about this? How about this? And you’re getting hit from three different angles, so you’ll have a much clearer picture as to what’s not working. So you explain it. Slightly different ways or in a whole different way. There’s a very long way of saying something. So I feel most alive when I’m teaching people in person.

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