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Roger on Beginners

Roger Gracie was on Lex Fridman’s show this week. Here’s an excerpt:

Roger Gracie: Try to absorb as much technique as you can and try to be as relaxed as you can. Don’t you know, don’t desperately try to fight so hard, like learn and move slow.

Lex Fridman: Move slow and relaxed.

Roger: That’s the hardest thing to do. The hardest.

Lex: You know, you know what I find with people? It seems like it’s hard to even know that you’re not relaxed. It’s, it’s like, uh, the introspection. They don’t even know what it feels like to relax.

Roger: Not even know they’re tense.

Lex: Yeah. Right.

Roger: They try to relax, say, look how you say what? What do you mean relax? I’m relaxed.

Lex: Exactly, exactly.

Roger: The arms are shaking…

Lex: You feel it? And in terms of going slow, they’re like, yeah, well, I’m going slow. No, you’re, you’re not.

The full show is here.

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