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The rear naked choke is the most successful submission in MMA.1

RNC ends most MMA fights

Is it because it’s so effective?

It’s surely effective. We’ve seen plenty of fighters resist, then go to sleep.

Is it because it’s an easy path? No way. I don’t think anyone that’s trained jiu-jitsu would say it’s easy to take someone’s back, maintain control, and then lock in the RNC.

Guillotines attempted most often

The guillotine is attempted much more often than other submissions, but it isn’t nearly as successful as the RNC, although it still ranks second in total subs.

Why is the RNC completed at such a high rate?

There’s no disgrace in tapping to subs, especially a choke. It can be terrifying when someone wraps your neck, and anyone that trains knows that. (Luckily, most of us train with partners that we can trust, so it’s slightly less scary.)

When a fighter is losing, and tired, is it possible they are giving up the RNC on purpose, so that the fight can end?

For whatever reason, some think that tapping to strikes is lame. I don’t agree with that. If you’re losing and there’s no chance of winning, there’s no reason to continue taking punishment.

But one way out is to give up your back, give up your neck, then tap.

  1. The book Fightnomics is a few years old now, but it’s still a great read for anyone wanting to understand the sport of MMA through statistics. ↩︎

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