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Reps on Blues

Marlon Vera was a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast and they talked about getting the reps in.

Joe Rogan:

It’s hard to get better when you’re getting fucked up. Like people don’t realize that. Like one thing that Eddie Bravo told me early on, he’s like train with blue belts.

He goes, cause you could tap them all the time and then you get all these reps in and he goes, if you train with black belts, you’re just defending. And you’re getting tapped a lot.

Marlon Vera:

The Mendes Brothers told me that. I train with them full-time in Cali.

Joe Rogan:

They told you that too.

Marlon Vera:

They, they, the same exact words.

I came early for this podcast. We came on Friday to train with Danaher, same exact thing. So it’s like right there, you got the three, top three in the world. And if they’re telling you that, it must be for a reason.

Joe Rogan:

Yeah, there’s a reason. It’s, it’s about reps.

The clip’s from around the 54 minute mark on JRE MMA Show #117: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2JE2fWXnFtcYeVgWA78gVh?si=A0_enjZVRKqDIGeMMdj_Xw

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