Jiu-Jitsu Letter


Just as there are phony teachers, there are phony students. They say all the right things in your presence1, then say the opposite when they’re not.

The sad thing is, I never have to worry at all about the child students. They’re honest and without filter: “I’m bored. How much longer until class ends?" It’s some of the children’s parents and my adult students that’ve made me look at them sideways.

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t have long-term contracts. When I opened, I had a 4-month offer that helped with getting working capital upfront, but I got rid of it after a few months. And our 10-day trial is as much for the prospect as it is for me. The monthly membership that forces me to earn my students' business every month is also what forces them to earn their place at the school every month. If I had someone on a year-long commitment and wanted to kick them out, I’d either have to refund them or keep the fee (“You signed the contract."), which would surely motivate them to write a negative review somewhere. With just monthly memberships, it’s an easier thing to kick people out.

  1. Flattery works on a lot of people, but typically not on anyone who’s read Influence. I think of of a friend who tried it on everyone, and it was just so cringey because I could see what he was doing. ↩︎

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