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On Celebrating

Craig Jones was on the BJJ Fanatics podcast. It was a good interview, as usual, since he’s an entertaining guest. I liked what he said about celebrating here1:

I would never celebrate it. Hey, like that’s the thing with the Barbosa match, and I guess with the Matt Hughes one too. I don’t know if it’s part of being Australian or something, but I just like, even when I win a match, I just can’t bring myself to celebrate too much afterwards. You know? Like, I’m always like, oh, we’ll check on, check on the guy I just grappled with and stuff.

Like that’s one aspect of the sport that is it’s, it is pretty brutal, you know, like I don’t get off on the unhappiness of my opponents. Like a good example would be like Luis Panza. Like Luis comes in, he’s sort of a grappler from a few years back. I was able to submit him in under a minute, but I mean, you look over and the guy, you know, like you, cause you’ve lost yourself and you see that it’s like, that’s probably one of the least enjoyable parts of the sport.

But again, if someone put me to sleep and somehow I won, I don’t think I could find that in me to be like, “Yes!” You know what I mean? I don’t even like to celebrate a dominant, dominant victory.

  1. For context, he’s referring to a match where Lucas Barbosa won after being put to sleep by Matheus Diniz because he was ahead on points and the time expired while he was being strangled. He woke up and celebrated his victory. (To be fair, video replay showed Barbosa didn’t pass out until after time ran out, but it was still a curious moment to see him celebrate the way he did after what happened.) The other match is when Matt Hughes won a UFC match against Carlos Newton. ↩︎

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