Jiu-Jitsu Letter

Not Too High, Not Too Low

Jiu-Jitsu life is full of ups and downs. It’s up to you not to get too caught up when things are going well because if you do, you’ll get hurt when the inevitable down cycle comes.

No one goes through their jiu-jitsu journey without some plateaus or valleys. At least, not anyone who trains for a meaningful amount of time.

Expect the “bad” times because they are coming. But don’t let them drag you down. Anyway, they’re not so bad if your mindset is about learning, and not about winning.

When you submit someone, don’t assume all the credit. Your partner might’ve been working on something, or dealing with a personal issue off the mat.

And when someone submits you, give credit. Maybe you’re working on something or you’re distracted, but your partner still had a part in it.

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