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Mikey Musumeci on Hobbyists

This is an excerpt of Mikey Musumeci’s interview on JRE.

Joe: What is the caliber of training partners over there?

Mikey: Uh, the training in Asia is actually really high level, you know, um, in Vegas where I train, I just train with hobbyists in my garage. Um, my, the last five years or six years I’ve been doing that.

Joe: You trained with hobbyists?

Mikey: Hobbyists only.

Joe: So meaning just people that are friends?

Mikey: Just people that do jiu-jitsu as, like for fun, like they get outta work and they train for fun.

Joe: So you haven’t been going to a formal school?

Mikey: Um, I would represent big teams, but a hundred percent of my training would just be with hobbyists because I like their energy better than competitors.

Joe: Really?

Mikey: Um, so if you train with a competitor, they have the vibe of like a nine to five job. Uh, when I train with a hobbyist, they actually wanna be there ‘cause they’re having fun. So how I train, I train more like a hobbyist, like my energy. Yeah. So I prefer being in an environment like that. So I surround myself with mostly hobbyists.

Joe: Wow. What I would imagine there’s some sort of negative to that in that you’re, you’re not being pressured by elite grapplers.

Mikey: But the way that I train, I’m more just teaching everyone around me to give me certain reactions that I need to work on. So I’m more observing. So if I’m having, if I’m doing a position and I feel like something stops it, I’ll teach everyone I train with how to stop what I’m doing, and then I have to figure out how to, uh, solve it again and again.

Joe: So you basically just piece that all together once you actually get into a match. And when, so it’s like you’re making, you’re creating like building blocks while you’re training.

Mikey: Yeah. And I control all the different variables and I just add different things in.

Joe: Wow. So no major gym where you go there and, and that’s incredible. Um, so you could easily recreate that in Singapore.

Mikey: I could train anywhere. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Uh, the training in Singapore is the same level as, if not higher than my training in Vegas, so it’s sufficient, you know.

The full episode is on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/02yF358T52mxlWBBs4WOAk

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