Jiu-Jitsu Letter

Learn From the Best

Learn from the best, as soon as possible.

If you start on your own, or with a subpar teacher1, you’re going to have to relearn some things or even everything.

I’ve had students come to me with prior training, but most are starting at zero. It’s been a lot easier teaching the ones starting at zero.

If you’re new, think hard about your school and instructors. Most of the people I consider good, started with good instruction from the start.2

While it’s true you don’t need a black belt3 to teach you the basics, it certainly helps. I look at my own journey, and I’m still relearning a lot of the basics, stuff I learned before moving on to training at Gracie University exclusively.

If you’re switching schools, be willing to put aside everything you’ve already learned elsewhere. There’s a reason you’re changing schools. If it’s because of something like bad instruction, bad culture, or anything else negative, then just be quiet and start over.

  1. Which unfortunately, you wouldn’t know is subpar if you’re just starting out. ↩︎

  2. Of course, I know a few people who got good with questionable instructors, but they got good because they trained elsewhere at the same time. Naturally, the mediocre teacher plead for and claimed credit. ↩︎

  3. And let’s not forget, that just because your teacher is a black belt, doesn’t mean he/she knows how to teach. We all know black belts that teach poorly or unsafely, or developed a bad school culture. ↩︎

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