Jiu-Jitsu Letter

It's Your Hobby

Over the years, I’ve experimented with various training tools and methods. They’ve included things like intensive journaling, planning lessons, making daily class goals, and all that other stuff. But what works is consistency and keeping it fun.

It’s just a hobby. I’ve known many people that have told me about their plans for “rapid” improvement, carried an iPad or notebook to class, and subscribed to private discussion forums, but most of those people have either quit those plans and “just show up”, or quit.

You’ll hear from people that say it’s not enough to “just show up,” but they’re wrong. It is enough. Because it’s your hobby. Think of your other hobbies in your life. If you built model trains, was there an intense training schedule to follow? What about playing golf? Or basketball? Most likely, you just practiced and played. And most importantly, you had fun, so you kept doing it. And because you kept doing it, you got better.

Stop overthinking it. Forget about the belt. And just keep training.

In my whole life, I’ve never known an activity that’s practiced as stupidly as jiu-jitsu.1

  1. Excluding anyone that’s still training, of course. But the amount of quitters is puzzling to me. I suppose it’s also how schools are run and what kind of culture is created at each school, but if it’s as obvious to me how beneficial training is to anyone else, it’s hard to accept that so many stop training. ↩︎

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