Jiu-Jitsu Letter

It's So Freaking Awesome

I enjoyed this description of jiu-jitsu by Jocko Willink:

I go, okay. If this was a language, I, I kind of almost taught you, like one letter from the language. And you don’t know a word, you don’t know a sentence, you definitely don’t know a paragraph.

And here’s the thing, this is what you have to learn. You have to learn this entire language. And when you get done with this entire language, which you’ll never get done with this whole entire language, when, if you did, if you’d learn, all of a sudden, you open a door and there’d be a French word. And you’d go, oh no. And you’ve got to learn that whole language and it just never freaking stops.

It never stops. And by the way, people are creating new words and making new shit up all the time and it continually evolves. And it’s a crazy pursuit to have in life. This weird thing where you freaking wrap around another dude and try and make them choke is the craziest thing to pursue.

But God it’s, it’s so freaking awesome.

The clip is from around the 2:49 mark of JRE 1740: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1utiTB2HB5GGnYGX3gtgTP

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