Jiu-Jitsu Letter

Dinosaur Facts

Growing up, I knew a few things about dinosaurs. Like a lot of things I learned as a child, I accepted them and moved on, never bothering to question them.

Recently, I learned:

  1. Birds are dinosaurs.
  2. Spinosaurus is better than Tyrannosaurus.1
  3. Brontosaurus was once considered its own genus, then it was just an Apatosaurus, then it was different again.

It turns out there was a time2 when it was declared the Brontosaurus didn’t exist. (Because it was the same as the Apatosaurus, the paleontologists said.) And then there was a big announcement that it actually did.

We’ve all learned things as children that we’ve carried into adulthood. Most are probably true and harmless, but a lot aren’t.

What “truths” about jiu-jitsu did you learn as a white belt and still believe, years into your training?

  1. Totally subjective. ↩︎

  2. What’s really strange about the argument over the Brontosaurus’s existence is that it started in the early 1900’s, yet it was never brought up when I learned about dinosaurs in the 1980’s. ↩︎

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