Jiu-Jitsu Letter

Caring and Sweating

We all know the “cool” guy that doesn’t want to look like they’re trying, but that guy can never be as effective a teacher because he’s too concerned with how people view him.

Today, my private was mostly a discussion on teaching kids classes and how to be more effective. The first advice was, “You have to care about not caring.” That’s a reminder to be a kid with the kids. To act silly and not worry about what the parents are thinking.

Then he said, ”If you don’t have to change your gi between classes, maybe you’re not giving your all to your students.”

A shortcut to figuring out if your instructor cares, is simply checking to see how much he sweats while teaching.1

  1. Yes, some people just sweat a lot, but you get the point. ↩︎

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