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BJJ with Strikes

Craig Jones talks about BJJ for MMA:

There’s a reason you don’t want be on your back at MMA. You can make it work against some opponents. You could make it work for a few opponents in a row. You’re gonna take unnecessary damage. Uh, Nogueira1 probably had the best closed guard for MMA and you saw he would, he would eat a lot of shots on the way to getting triangles and armbars.

So it’s like there’s a reason most people. You just have to be on top in MMA, uh, and that’s what makes jiu-jitsu skills so hard to translate. Because in a grappling sense, there’s so much more fun and there’s so many more options to do off your back. But the second strikes are involved, uh, all those options are gone.

So I say this with no disrespect, MMA grappling, but MMA grappling is simpler. And it’s only simpler in the context that there’s less things you can do. Boxing. Pure boxing is way more complicated than MMA boxing, you know what I mean? There’s less things you can do, but the way you put all those things together, the wrestling, the jiu-jitsu, the uh, Muay Thai, the boxing, the way you put it all together becomes complex.

And that’s where Volkanovski is yeah, the absolute master.

The full episode’s on YouTube and this snippet above is around the 25 minute mark.

  1. Classic example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyYLwL7Yj3A ↩︎

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