Jiu-Jitsu Letter

Bad People Stay Bad

We often hear people saying jiu-jitsu changed their lives. That may be true for some, but if someone is a garbage human to begin with, they typically stay that way. Training jiu-jitsu doesn’t make a bad person good. The person’s life may change, but the person doesn’t.

I know of a school owner that betrayed his business partner and stole the school.

I know of a teacher who slept with his students, plus tried to do it with students' spouses.

I know someone who promoted himself because he lost his affiliation and no one wants to take him on.

I know of a teacher who emailed his former student’s boss, trying to get them fired from his job, because the student left the school.

I know another who told me that his favorite thing about training is getting to “rub up against girls.”

It’s likely you know one or more people like this in your circle.

These aren’t people I associate with anymore, but I have friends who still do. The hard thing is sometimes we become friendly with these people first, and then find out about them. Then we look away. We look away, or worse, we make excuses for them.

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